Thornberry Ridgebacks

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About Us and Contact Information

Ken and I got our first ridgeback in December 2000.  We had dogs our whole lives and our son, Blake, did a lot of research on the breed.   We deceided to get one--although I had never seen a ridgeback before.  We picked up Asha at the airport (from Vernon) and she entered our lives.  She was an alpha bitch but we did a lot of training with her.  After being home the summer (Ken was a teacher), Ken said that Asha needed a buddy to play with because she was by his side all summer.  Thus entered Summer into our lives in August 2001.  The puppies got along great and they were great company for each other.  Then, in 2002, I met Kristine Nielsen, a well known breeder and handler.  Kris had a stud that we mated with Asha.  They had 12 beautiful pups.  I had a birthday party when the pups were one year old and all the "kids" had a great time.  We had the BBQ going and everyone had lots of fun.  At that time, Kris thought we should do another breeding because she was impressed with the one year olds.  So, in 2005, we did another breeding.  This time Asha had 8 Puppies--all healthy.  Blake, myself and Kris picked out what we thought was the best of the litter--Akala.  At 7 months we entered him into his first show and that weekend he won 7 of the 10 points for his Canadian Championship.  The next show in Cloverdale he didn't get any points as there was the Wall Of Doom there that spooked Akala.  The next show, in Maple Ridge, over the 2 days days we were at that show he won 2 points each day to become a Champion!!  Then at 11 months we took Akala to the RRCUS specialty in Idaho.  There he won best 9 - 12 month old dog!!  We then went to a side show on the way home and Akala won a 5 Point Major!!  He beat over 90 Ridgebacks in that show  Over the next year we took him to shows in Washington and he got his American Championship in November 2007 at Monroe, Washington.  He had 4 major wins to complete the points necessary for his American Championship!!

Please contact us if you would like any more information or have any questions

Ken and Gayle Clarkson, 25236 102 Avenue, Maple Ridge, B.C.  V2W 1S7  604-462-7626

My Mentor  Kristine Nielsen Vanfax Ridgebacks Email